#1   5/13/19

A life in recovery comes with some great perks. Besides the obvious one of not chasin’ that feelin’ of not feelin’ anymore, I have also learned over the past 3 plus decades to wear life like a loose garment. In other words I don’t try and force life to bend to my will. I know now things will turn out exactly how they are supposed to regardless of how hard I try to manipulate and control the situation. Somewhere in there I also learned how to let go. Not an easy task for me , but it’s progress not perfection. 

If I don’t get what I want I have come to believe there is something else out there for me.

Understand I don’t always follow these lessons, and it always turns out to be a shit show when I don’t. The more I work on my recovery the better I accept how things work out. Simple math. I also love the fact that I’m capable of doing many things in this Lifetime movie we are all in. Tomorrow I add something else to my credits.

I start work as an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (In training). I took almost 5 months of classes last year to get my credentials as a counselor and recovery coach and now it’s time to hit play! Because of all the other things I have going on, including recording the follow up to Clean Getaway , leading recovery music groups, events, rock and roll gigs and all the other things that come with being an adult I can only work 2x a week right now. Hey It’s a start. Hopefully I can help someone struggling with all I’ve learned up to now and some clinical education I have added to my Recovery toolbox.

Here we go baby


Have Recovery Will Travel