This site is a work in progress as I will be adding things as we go, but you gotta start somewhere.

First off let me thank everyone for supporting my 2017 CD release "Clean Getaway". These were songs I had been playing as part of my Recovery music groups since 2012. After each session the clients would ask me where could they get the music to take home. Hence the Clean Getaway CD. Since its release I have given away almost 2000 copies to the clients in my groups. Additionally, I sold the CD to you lovely people to help me to continue my mission of spreading the recovery message. 

I also received a bunch of great reviews on the CD HERE and wound up with my 2nd "Coolest Song in the World " on Little Steven's Underground Garage.


I’m now finishing up on the follow-up which will continue the same theme as CG. Songs about Addiction, Recovery, Hope and Inspiration. Loud and proud rockers , beautiful acoustics and all points in between. I have a fantastic batch of songs which were either written on my own or with my pals Richie Supa, Willie Nile and Emily Duff. The players are top notch as usual...Steve Holley, Liberty DeVitto and my old bandmate with the Blackhearts Thommy Price on drums, Bob Stander on bass, Andy Burton and Jeff Kazee on keys. The Asbury Juke Horns also make an appearance on a track, and a surprise guest or 2 can be expected.

***Now here's where you come in. I need your help to finish this project.  Just click on the pre order link and pick a price point. There will be a menu with choices. Please use the PayPal button to pay. 

I thank you all in advance.

Have Recovery Will Travel