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Sobering Times is now available on all digital platforms as well as

retail stores internationally. Times

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Ricky Byrd is a keeper of the faith. The faith of Rock & Roll. He embraces the past and evokes and champions the moment. This moment right here/hear right now..Drunk on love...

– Michael Des Barres (Little Steven’s Underground Garage DJ)

Ricky is a rock ‘n’ roll original. The songs are all so good. Love this album. “Together” is a great strong song for today!!! It goes beyond recovery, and the hook is thunderous!!!

Byrd is a rock ‘n’ roll truth teller!

– Dion

Ricky Byrd’s new album is a classic, full of thunder, passion, heart and soul! He believes there’s salvation and redemption in RnR and proves

it on every track! Well done Ricky!

– Willie Nile

Former Joan Jett & Blackhearts’ guitarist Ricky Byrd has created a career statement with

his new CD Sobering Times. The album encompasses The Faces and Rolling Stones

with a dash of Otis. It rocks like a bitch.

– Mike Greenblatt (Goldmine Magazine)

I dedicate Sobering Times to those that struggle with addiction, to the recovery warriors who spread the message of hope and inspiration to the still sick and suffering, to those out there who support the recovery lifestyle, and of course, those that still love

loud and proud Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The players are top notch as usual including Steve Holley, Liberty DeVitto, Rich Pagano and my old bandmate with the Blackhearts Thommy Price on drums. Bob Stander is on bass and Jeff Kazee is on the keys. If that weren’t enough, we have my soul sister Christine (The Beehive Queen) Ohlman, who along with B3 Kazee did a mighty fine job of singing backgrounds with me.

Produced by Ricky Byrd and Bob Stander, at Parcheesi Studios.

Thanks in advance.

Have Recovery Will Travel