A life in recovery comes with some great perks. Besides the obvious one of not chasin’ that feelin’ of not feelin’ anymore, I have also learned over the past 3 plus decades to wear life like a loose garment. In other words I don’t try and force life to bend to my will. I know now things will turn out exactly how they are supposed to regardless of how hard I try to manipulate and control the situation. Somewhere in there I also learned how to let go. Not an easy task for me , but it’s progress not perfection. 

If I don’t get what I want I have come to believe there is something else out there for me.

Understand I don’t always follow these lessons, and it always turns out to be a shit show when I don’t. The more I work on my recovery the better I accept how things work out. Simple math. I also love the fact that I’m capable of doing many things in this Lifetime movie we are all in. So I raise a glass of club soda to whatever lies ahead.

With Music and Lyrics We Press On and Pass It On!!!


First off let me thank everyone for supporting my 2017 release Clean Getaway as well as my latest Sobering Times, which we offered up right here at rickybyrd.com in Sept of 2020. Now I'm thrilled to announce as of April 9 2021 you can also purchase “Sobering Times” digitally at Apple iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube Music and many more online stores. Physical copies of the cd can be purchased at Amazon and other selected stores worldwide.

The songs on both records are tunes I have been playing as part of my recovery music groups at treatment facilities around the U.S since 2012. After each group I was asked by numerous clients if I had any of the music recorded so they could take the recovery message home with them after treatment. This directly led to the recording of Clean Getaway followed by Sobering Times. I have given away over 2500 copies of Clean Getaway to the clients I've played to in treatment since it's release, and look forward to doing the same with Sobering Times . I sell both records to you lovely people so I can continue my mission of spreading the recovery message.

**BTW We've received a bunch of great reviews on both CD's, and also wound up with my 3rd “Coolest Song in the World” in Little Steven's UndergroundGarage.

Have Recovery Will Travel