Phil Bader

Ricky Byrd is a keeper of the faith. The faith of Rock & Roll. He embraces the past & evokes & champions the moment. This moment right here/hear right now..Drunk on love...

– Michael Des Barres

So Julie and I are in the midst of listening to the 3 great RB albums and we have come to the following conclusions/judgments: First of all it is a given that he is an incredible musician with many original complex licks on his guitars; In addition, and perhaps of greater note is the fact that he is an incredible story teller on the order of Dylan, Lennon, McCartney, Springstein, Simon and a few others, as in more than amply expressed in and by the lyrics of each of his original songs, each of which rings so true to us and frequently not only has our heads nodding in agreement, but perhaps even shedding a tear of two now and then. THANK YOU BYRD.

– The Consigliere!

Ricky Byrd shipped his new album this week. Sobering Times is the title. Friends, this is one powerful album that eases it way straight to your heart. Recover Me, a duet with Willie Nile is simply perfect. I Come Back Stronger moved me more than any song in recent years. This album was made for people who are in need of healing and to serve as a reminder that it is achievable. Alcohol recovery is no joke and most of us know someone that is dealing with it. This album was meant to be that little extra that makes a huge difference, if people hear it. Please share it with your friends if they are in need of help and hope. Kudos to Ricky and his all star team.

Lastly, everyone should be proud that NYC’s Rock and Roll Hall of Famer would gladly play till his fingers bleed to an audience of three people if they decided they “Ain’t Gonna Live Like This”. He’s a mensch, a Bronx bomber, he is one of us and has dedicated over 30 yrs to helping others through their journey, their recovery and their day to day life. We need more people like Ricky who cut through the crap and just roll up their sleeves and get to work.

– Larry Sheps

Have Recovery Will Travel